You’re making trades and, if you invested time and money in your education, you’re making a few bucks.

Or, more than a few. Double awesome.

Then, a couple years from now, you get a letter from the Internal Revenue Service.

You’re being audited.

Definitely NOT awesome.

But, you’re good, you think. You hired your brother’s wife’s Dad’s friend who does taxes and he seemed to know his stuff.

Now, you’re about to find out just how much he DIDN’T know about working with stock traders.

And, he’s not on the hook. YOU signed that tax return. It’s all on YOU.

And, it’s gonna cost you, BIG.

We’re talking garnished paycheck, lien on your house, forget that new car financing BIG

But, you’re good. You only made or lost a few thousand. How bad can it really be?

How about it takes the next 5-7 years of your life to clean up the mess big?

But, the IRS is really busy, you suppose. This nightmare won’t ever happen to you. You’re a little fish.

Wanna bet your financial future on it?

Let’s be real for a minute. You’re not a tax cheat or hiding money in offshore accounts.

But, the IRS is a very unique agency. When you deal with them, you are GUILTY until you prove yourself innocent. You do have a few rights, like the right to hand them really big checks, the right to look like a crook and the right to spend hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars to defend yourself.


With a couple simple steps (that aren’t really that simple), you can avoid all of this and get to keep more of your trading profits.

Step 1

Memorize IRS publication 550

Step 2

Know IRS tax forms, including 6781, 4797 and about a dozen more

Step 3

Frustration sets in

Step 4

Know how to handle at risk rules, investment interest, wash sale loss rules and about 50 other common IRS terms.

Step 5

Beg the auditor for mercy

OR, you could apply the same education principles to your trading tax reporting as you do to your trading?

To truly learn stock trading, you studied, probably paper-traded and watched for your favorite patterns to develop. Some don’t work out the way you hoped, but most do. You were smart enough to know that there was a lot that you didn’t know and that education was the simple way to take money from less educated traders.

It’s the same with your taxes.

If you take the time to learn or require that your tax preparer does, you can leave the audits for those same losing traders.

Better yet, you’ll KEEP more of your hard earned trading profits.

So, if you’re one of those dumb traders, close your browser and go back to whatever you were doing.

Otherwise, let’s talk.

What you need is an expert.

You need someone who knows this stuff like you know supernovas. You want them to live and breathe tax rules.

And, you probably want an above average tax expert, right?

Maybe even someone who criminals and tax cheats are afraid of?

Ok. Meet Tracy.

She’s a very nice lady. She has an MBA, a CPA and is a forensic accountant (like the CSIs that work with the cops, only she works with money). And, she really is nice.

Unless she gets hired to find the money that someone embezzled from their company; that the divorcing spouse is hiding from their ex or others like them.

Then, she’s not so nice. In fact, she’s a nightmare.

But, Tracy likes traders. And, Tracy doesn’t like the IRS or their auditors much, nothing personal.

So, she built Traders and Taxes, the ONLY tax education program built exclusively for stock traders.

In this program, Tracy is NOT going to throw a few terms on a white board and sprinkle holy water on you. She’s going to teach you the good stuff. The REALLY good stuff.

Tracy will even be able to guide HOW you trade to maximize the money that you keep. Mark to Market? No problem. Day trading and longer positions? Same tax rules, right?

Not even close, tax rookie.

But, she’s got you covered.

Tracy Coenen

OK, you’re interested, right?

So what is having an expert like Tracy in your corner going to cost you?

Well, you have two options. You can hire her personally to consult you – That would run you roughly $15,000. Or… you can go through her comprehensive course, at a fraction of the cost and still get the same excellent result.

First, Tracy wrote THE BOOK on tax prep for traders. Forensic accountants aren’t incredibly creative types, so she called it ‘Traders and Taxes.”

This ebook is packed with the information that you’re going to want to know to keep your trading profits, avoid those nasty audits or at least be prepared, if you get an audit notice from the IRS.

For example, did you know that there are 3 different types of tax audits?

Of course you didn’t.

You can deduct those new computer monitors you bought for your trading station, right?

Well, it depends.

And this book is the BIBLE of trader tax guidance.

This isn’t one of those $9.99 books that have lots of pretty pictures and no meat.


In fact, although this book isn’t as big as the tax code manuals, any trader with half a brain would JOYFULLY pay $199 for it.

Think about it. Would you trade a couple hundred bucks to save thousands and avoid spending long days with those fun IRS auditors? Yeah, you would.

But, Tracy didn’t stop there.

In fact, it gets a WHOLE lot better.

Because Tracy also recorded TEN hours of video lessons that won’t make your eyes glaze over.

Every lesson is PACKED with tutorials and easy to understand and apply tactics.

First, Tracy has taken the time to painstakingly define how the IRS views different types of traders. She also does a deep dive into mark-to-market accounting and shorts.

In another video lesson, Tracy’s program reviews different types of legitimate tax deductions available to traders.

And, Tracy added videos on planning for taxes, bookkeeping and much more.

That’s 6 HOURS of easy-to-understand video content.

video lessons

But, as if that wasn’t enough, Tracy has packed an additional FOUR MORE HOURS of video lessons into Taxes and Traders.

You’ll get more training on tax forms, PLUS actual IRS court cases.

But, maybe the best video yet is the one where Tracy introduces tactics for REDUCING your tax burden.

Normally, you would pay an arm and a leg to spend 10 hours with a pro like Tracy.

But let’s do a little math here.

Suppose you only made $5,000 trading in your first year or two.

And, your choice is to hand most or all of that to the IRS or to pay for a video education that ensures that you’ll keep most of that $5K, PLUS your future earnings as you REALLY start making big bucks.

Would you trade that $5,000?

Yeah, we would too.

Because even though it would be fun to keep that money from the IRS, it would be AWESOME to keep every dollar for the next 30 or 30 YEARS, right?

If you’re keeping score at home, that’s a $5200 check you need to drop on Tracy.

And, the ebook and the videos would be plenty.

But, forensic accountants are thorough and Tracy knows what you don’t, so...

She also prepared a TON of checklists and form examples that you can use to record your expenses, prep for your tax returns and more.

How much is an hour of your time worth? How about an hour of your tax preparer’s time? How about adding up all of those hours, PLUS the time it would take you to find all of these forms and build checklists, assuming that you could figure out what should be on each checklist.

Because we’re betting you couldn’t possibly be dumb enough to be doing tax research via Google, let’s assume that the combination, if you got it totally right, of your time and your tax preparer’s time is worth $1,500. $6700.00 and you’re good, right?

After all, when you get to keep more of the profits from those $100,000 and more trading profit years, $6,700.00 is petty cash!!

Amazingly, Tracy didn’t stop even there.

Because, tax returns that you filed prior to learning from Tracy still present a risk.

And, Tracy wants you prepared for that and any other scenario that a trader could experience related to prepping, filing and answering for your taxes.

Soooo… she kept shooting more videos, where she breaks down more key tax topics, including audits.

She even includes real-world case studies of the good, the bad and the ugly.

Wanna know more about audits and other tax topics than most IRS employees?

How about the inside tips that the IRS won’t ever share?

What would THAT be worth to you?

Let’s be conservative and add another $3,500 for the inside scoop. About the only thing Tracy doesn’t include is the home phone number of IRS employees.

So, grab your checkbook and start writing a $10,200 check. Make it out to Tracy.

If you’re trading more than a couple days a week and you’re moderately successful, you’ll save 100 times that over your trading career.

A full-time trader?

1000 times?

To screw this up, you’re going to have to either completely ignore everything Tracy teaches you or hire a serious pinhead to do your taxes.

Of course, you could just hire Tracy. But, forensic accountants typically bill out at $4-500 an hour and her schedule is already packed with high net-worth clients.

But, this isn’t one of those over-priced, over-hyped programs.

In fact, we’re going to make you a ridiculous offer that’s not going to last long.

Tracy wants EVERY trader to get this graduate level education, so she wants us to offer this entire program- the book, the videos and the forms and checklists for $997.

That’s a tad under 10% of what all of this information is truly worth.

Just click on the link below this video and we’ll charge you $997 and get this tools and tactics into your hands ASAP.

OK, wait.

Let’s make a win-win deal. Tracy’s program is new and we want to generate a few early testimonials.

So, we’ll make you a killer offer. We get testimonials and you get your hands on Tracy’s program for a fraction of what everyone else will pay.

And, you’ll already know what others are learning later.

Cause every room we visit is buzzing with tax questions.

So, you get to be the BIG dog who’s in the know. But, unlike that “juicy” stock tip that isn’t so juicy, you’ll be suggesting a program that’ll already be saving you a TON of time, money and heartache.

However, it won’t take us long to build a few great testimonials, so here’s the offer:

For the next few days, instead of paying the $997 price for Tracy’s Traders & Taxes Program, you’ll pay half of that, $497


Because we’re so sure that you’ll love what you learn that you’ll share the love with other traders that you know.

Or, you can just blissfully glide through life, secure in the stupid notion that audits are for other traders?

Be as smart with your taxes as you are with your trading and order Traders and Taxes right now.

Because we WILL pull this offer as soon as we have a few testimonials and that won’t take more than a few days, if not hours.

Click the button below and let’s get started!!!