About Instructor

Did you ever watch one of those cop shows where the CSI techs solve the crime using crazy cool gadgets and science? Pretty impressive stuff and it happens in the real world every day.

But did you know there is another type of CSI that tracks down money hidden behind layers of foreign financial transactions and offshore accounts? These schemes involve money launderers, terrorists, drug cartels, and even crooked governments.

Tracy is one of these financial crime fighters, part accountant and part fraud investigator. Instead of chemistry and physics, Tracy uses financial data you never knew existed to “follow the money.”

With a degree in Criminology, an MBA, a CPA license, and a Financial Forensics certification, Tracy is a bad day waiting to happen if you’re hiding money or committing other financial fraud.

If you’re an embezzler, an insurance fraudster, or someone just trying to hide a few bucks from your ex, you don’t want to see Tracy working for the other side.


Tracy Coenen